Classic Flight Bag



Classic Flight Bag


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Think back to when you first wanted to fly planes. What image did you have of "the pilot" in your head? 

Was it the shoulder epaulets? The wings on the lapel? Or just the way he or she carried themselves? 

For us it was the flight bag. A seemingly unimportant accessory for the civilian gazing on. But we know better don't we?  We know that the pilots flight bag has much more meaning than normal carry-on bags. 

Sure, what is carried within the flight bag may be more important to the pilot while flying. But like a lawyer carrying his trial documents, or a designer carrying her drafting tools, they know that what they carry their tools in is just as important as the tools themselves.

With vintage aesthetics and a rugged finish, the Classic Flight Bag complements both a suited professional professional pilot or a casual weekend warrior. You're bound to get compliments from fellow aviators and travelers with your Classic Flight Bag over your shoulder.

Crafted with genuine Crazy Horse leather, your flight bag features a rigorous finish and sturdy hardware. The carryall style expands and collapses to fit your needs both in the air and on the ground.


  • Cotton fabric lining with divider and two medium pockets

  • Two small side pockets and one large back pocket

  • Silver tone hardware

  • Detachable and adjustable shoulder strap

  • Weight = 5.5 lbs.

Make a professional statement with the Classic Flight Bag.


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